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Website Design for Tuscaloosa

There are a multitude of things to consider when planning your website. Some people want their design to be constructed around a logo, others want it to have the look and feel of a brochure. Some have no idea of where to start, they just realize that they have to step into the 21st century. It's times like these when it is especially good to have a seasoned professional on your side. Here are a few things to consider when we are in the planning stage of your new site.
Set Goals for your website
Obviously there is a reason that you want to have a website. It may be that you want to generate sales leads.Some people want to develop some sort of brand recognition. Maybe your site will be for employee reference only. Perhaps you are trying to give your busiiness a more professional appearance and a website is a part of that. Whatever your reason for wanting a website, we will build it as if it were our goal also.
Target the audience for your website
Who will be visiting your site? 'Who do you want to visit your site' is a better question. Do you want professional business type people, prospective Tuscaloosa home buyers, or our ever growing hispanic population to visit your site? The look and feel of your site should be geared toward your target audience.
Determine the layout for your site
Determine the layout of your site. How do you want the site to look? How do you want it to feel? Is there one specific thing that you want your visitors to do? These and other questions will be answered for the most part by knowing your goals and target audience. If your goal is to grab the attention of Tuscaloosa's market, then you will want a website with great colors and sharp lines. Not some template based gray on gray site that begs for pizzaz. We want to build you a site whose purpose is intuitively known to your target visitors.
Develop relevant content for your site
There is a lot of reason to pay close attention to the content or actual words that are on your site. Your new website, just like your business, should always be telling prospective customers that their decision to choose you will be a wise one. You can have the greatest service or product in Tuscaloosa, but if your site cannot articulate why it's great, no one will care. That articulation is a part of your content. Other factors to consider as content are the titles of pages, meta keywords, and alt text for images.
Build your color scheme
There is a whole area of psychological research dedicated to which colors are best associated with different human emotions. This is the same reason that you will find orange to be a featured color in many grocery stores. Chances are that you already have the right color scheme in your physical business from when it was designed. Now your website will match your business.
Get your load time down
The load time of your site will vary based upon the number and size of images, amount of html, external files and the user's connection speed. An industry standard is to have any given page load in 8 seconds or less on a 56k modem. Anything above this and your visitors tend to wander off. Load speed is a very important consideration and gets lots of attention.
Create your navigation
The navigation is how the user finds all of your useful content and navigates around your site. Your site's navigation will be intuitive in design. The site's users shouldn't have to guess how to do some certain task on your site. If the user needs to contact you, they shouldn't have to search for a "Contact Us" page. Navigation is traditionally done through a row around the page header, on the left side of the page, in the footer, or any combination of the aforementioned spots.
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